I have received numerous questions with regard to the City’s paving plan as we’ve been meeting with meeting with constituents on the campaign trail.

Here is the most current information I have regarding the City’s paving progress.

Should you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me @

Given below is the list of streets on which we performed and are currently performing paving-related operations (i.e. 10/02/17 to 10/07/17). The paving-related operations involved activities such as milling, patching, shim, structure adjustment, curb reset, driveway trimming, etc.:

  1. Bates Dr
  2. Brinton Dr
  3. Buck Meadow Rd*
  4. Charlotte St
  5. Fairway St
  6. Horizon Circle
  7. May St
  8. Musket Dr*
  9. Old Mill Lane
  10. Preserve Dr
  11. Quinton Dr*
  12. Rancourt St
  13. Sacramento St
  14. Santerre St
  15. Stanford Rd
  16. Wright Rd

Given below is the list of streets that we plan on doing paving-related operations next week (i.e. 10/10/17 to 10/13/17)**:

  1. Antrim St
  2. Charlotte St
  3. Chung St
  4. DW Highway
  5. East Hollis St
  6. Eldorado Circle
  7. Fairway St
  8. Jayron Dr
  9. Main St
  10. Michelle Dr
  11. Newfields St
  12. Portchester Circle
  13. Ronnie Dr
  14. Timberline Dr
  15. Unicorn Way
  16. Vieckis Dr

*Brox’s contractor (GMI) plans on paving (i.e. top course) three streets (Quinton Dr, Musket Dr, Buck Meadow Rd) on Saturday (10/7/17).
** Dates above are a range of time within which the work is scheduled to be done. The schedule may change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.